Monday, August 22, 2011

Wild Cariboo backyard plants

I live on less than an acre. About half of the available land is second growth interior Douglas Fir. We moved here 12 years ago and, other than building a raised bed garden on the sunny side of the house, I planted little else. I put my energy into a much needed clean-up, including removal (to our wood-stove) of usable wood and excess forest floor fuel. I also removed a pile of thistle and some high-standing weeds.

When the garden was in reasonable shape, I spent more breaks from work walking around or just sitting and observing. After a while (about a year) I felt confident enough to make a few minor interventions - like building a small retaining wall. Mostly, though, I wanted to see what this little piece of land had in mind.

As I became more aware, my senses educated, I saw many changes and discovered the great diversity of plants in this unspectacular piece of land. I had to be careful not to bore people with what I realized might seem trivial to them.

It was relatively easy to get to know the birds that visit us, especially after I bought a fairly good camera. The plants were another matter. The photos I took allowed me to enlist the help of friends/clients in identification - like Chris Czajkowski. One day, I thought, I'll publish a list of the plants that grow here. It's about ten years but that day is dawning. I've just completed my page of Cariboo Backyard Plants with the beginnings of the list: photos of 26 plants. I'll be adding more as I go along.

I'd appreciate feedback and corrections.

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Jeffrey Newman said...

Now has 38 plant photos.