Sunday, May 25, 2008

BC meat-inspection rules putting good farmers out of business

This fight is still being fought but already many farmers have lost their ability to sell locally, mostly because the new BC meat inspection rules have resulted in greatly-increased costs and deterioration of the quality of meat processed. Mass processing and stressful travel does not produce better meat - and, arguably can often increase the likelihood of contamination. Carlito Pablo, in the Georgia Straight reports:

An old way of life is dying for farmers such as Lisa Daniels of Powell River.

Like farmers before them, Daniels and her husband processed their own poultry for sale to neighbours and other members of their community. For livestock, they’ve depended on local butchers to slaughter their animals.

Since September 30 last year, when new provincial meat-inspection regulations took effect, those activities are no longer allowed. The slaughter and processing of meats now have to be done only in provincially or federally licensed abattoirs.

“It’s made illegal what we’ve always done,” Daniels told the Georgia Straight. “The government has said they’re doing this for safety. I disagree with that. Nothing could be safer than the meat you yourself eat and feed your family and friends and your community.”

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