Saturday, December 10, 2005

Two historic Interior British Columbia properties for sale

Two properties I am quite familar with have been recently placed on the market. Even if you aren't looking to buy a fine heritage home or an historic hunting lodge, these two are worth a look.


Megaw House, Vernon
This stately Okanagan landmark was built in 1893. Named after an early mayor, Megaw House has been carefully maintained and restored over its 112-years. Much of the original finishing has been carefully preserved over the decades, including 12-inch baseboards, wainscoting, gorgeous "work of art" original fireplaces and the majestic, main staircase.

Chilcotin Lodge, Riske Creek
Chilcotin Lodge, Riske Creek
The lodge is located at Riske Creek on the Chilcotin plateau, not far from the confluence of the Fraser and Chilcotin rivers, the Junction Sheep Range Park, which contains a large herd of California Bighorn Sheep and magnificent Farwell Canyon. It is one of the last remaining operating roadhouses in B.C.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Report destruction of fish habitat

An environmental protection service provided by
Report a Violation – Do you know of cases where fish habitat has been illegally destroyed and nothing has been done about it? Fill in our new online form and submit photos. Your report will be reviewed by a scientific expert. In the cases where serious violations are not acted upon, we will consider the following: pursuing media campaigns to draw attention to the habitat destruction, and mounting private prosecutions against the violators.