Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stone circle in the Chilcotin makes the news

Client of mine, Chris Czajkowski, is in the news about an unusual feature at Nuk Tessli, her alpine eco-adventure place in the Chilcotin.

What's caught the media attention is the stone circle in Mammary Meadows:

"The circle is 40 paces across.  The most curious thing about it is that the rock of which it is composed is finer-grained, lighter-coloured, and sharper-edged than the rocks either inside or outside the circle." - Chris Czajkowski, Nuk Tessli web site.
  • Two scientists from Canada and Britain were sufficiently intrigued by the "unusual, near circular ring of stones" and its "uncertain origin" that they probed the strange feature and have just published their findings in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. - Victoria Times Colonist
  • Debris is known to slide down cones of unmelted ice to form a circle on the ground, according to EarthSky, although the circle in British Columbia is unusually large. - Our Amazing Planet
  • The mystery was enough to inspire a British and a Canadian geologist to investigate. The pair's findings have just been published in the latest Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. - Yahoo News
Chris tells me she has an interview with the CBC this afternoon.
Stay in touch via Chris' blog: Wilderness Dweller