Tuesday, August 28, 2007

British Columbia Grasslands book

BC photographer and author, Chris Harris, is launching his next book: Spirit in the Grass - The Cariboo Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscape.

Spirit in the Grass - The Cariboo Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscape

The Cariboo Chilcotin grasslands are one of the ecological wonders of the world and British Columbia's most endangered ecosystem. It covers less than 1% of the province yet supports over 30% of its threatened or endangered plant and animal species.
The book will be launched in Chris' home town of 100 Mile House on October 19th and then the promotional tour will move on to locations around BC.
The travelling Grasslands Gala multimedia presentation will include slide-sound sequences in combination with stories behind the images and how they and the book were created. As a photographer, I will speak from the creative visual arts perspective rather than the science perspective. In this way I hope to provide a new and fresh avenue to appreciate our beautiful British Columbia grasslands.
Spirit in the Grass - The Cariboo Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscape

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Birds From a Cariboo Deck No.6 - Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker is a favourite of mine: beautiful and a little shy, it enjoys the usual woodpecker favourites - bugs and suet - and also likes to pick off a few ants on a nearby berm.
Apparently many years ago the flickers got separated into two populations: west and east. The eastern flickers developed a yellow wing colour and we in the west can enjoy the more dramatic orange.

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