Sunday, August 19, 2007

Birds From a Cariboo Deck No.6 - Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker is a favourite of mine: beautiful and a little shy, it enjoys the usual woodpecker favourites - bugs and suet - and also likes to pick off a few ants on a nearby berm.
Apparently many years ago the flickers got separated into two populations: west and east. The eastern flickers developed a yellow wing colour and we in the west can enjoy the more dramatic orange.

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Berni said...

I found your blog by clicking on British Columbia on my profile. I live in the Northern Cariboo, south of Smithers. I enjoyed your posts about wildlife, my blog is somewhat similar, please drop by if you have time.

Jeffrey Newman said...

Hi Vic and thanks for dropping by. I took a look at your blog and enjoyed the way you convey some of the activities and characters in and around your little village.