Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shaw Cable and CBC need lessons in communication

I phoned Shaw Cable today and was told that the reason we don't yet have a CBC channel as an option in the South and Central Cariboo is due to "technical problems". When I asked why this fact wasn't mentioned on their own information channel, I was told it was "too complicated" to explain! I suggested an explanation in about a dozen words and was then told my complaint would be conveyed to management.

Tonight I found a CBC channel at position Number 22 on the dial (100 Mile House service). This may be temporary as the Williams Lake Tribune quotes Shaw as saying that they have to place the CBC channel between 2 and 13. So, it seems that the weather network has only temporarily lost its place.

The Tribune article also quotes the person I quoted in my previous post on this - and gives his name, so I can acknowledge Rob Diether for taking a public stand on how this change deprives those not on cable - for location or financial reasons - of any access to CBC television.
This is devastating for families like ourselves who live beyond cable connections and who canĂ‚’t afford or don'’t wish to install a satellite system.
Diether urges television viewers in similar circumstances to contact CBC BC Programming, Comments and Questions at 1-866-306-4636.
CBC has made available a list of where their programming is available in the affected areas - at least most of them. No word there about our neck of the woods: 100 Mile House - Williams Lake.

It seems that those of us who live outside the awarenessrange of the corporate bureaucrats are going to have to make our voices heard if we are to get taken into account as the big wheels of commerce grind on.

Decisions like this are made by the CRTC. Contact them, to make your views known.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Simple Curve - made-in-BC movie - winning awards

A made-in-BC movie (New Denver, in fact) was recently released and initial reviews are favourable.

A Simple Curve, directed by Director Aubrey Nealon, is based on his experiences growing up in a "hippie" family in the Slocan Valley. According to a review in The Tyee, A Simple Curve was recently named one of the top 10 Canadian films produced in 2005 by the Toronto International Film Festival Group and it was a finalist in the Best British Columbia Film category at this year's Vancouver Film Critics Awards.".

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CFJC-TV - serving Kamloops and much of the BC Central Interior - to drop CBC programming

If you live in or around the following areas, this change affects you: Kamloops, Chase, Clinton, Merritt, 100 Mile House (and 108 Mile Ranch), Nicola, Pritchard and Quesnel.

This change seemed to come more or less out of the blue, aside from the occasional TV ad saying they are going"independent". For the record, here's the CRTC ruling that gave them permission to do this.

A friend e-mailed this query to CFJC:
Will CFJC have any CBC content after February 27th? Hockey night in Canada or National News?
From CFJC's reply:
As of February 27th, CFJC-TV will no longer carry any CBC programming. The full CBC schedule will be available on your local cable outlet or on either StarChoice or Bell Expressvue satellite systems. - Dave Somerton, CFJC-TV, Feb. 15, 2006
His response:
Frankly, its absolutely shameful that South Cariboo residents without access to cable (such as ourselves) or unable to afford a satellite T.V. system (such as our family) will no longer have access to our national broadcaster - C.B.C. This means no national news, special broadcasts, (in the event of national or international emergencies) Olympic coverage, Hockey night in Canada, etc, etc. CFJC's new, independent programming is not good news in our area, sir!! I will be contacting C.B.C. with our concern in the wildest hope that successful negotiations to resume C.B.C. content on your television station can take place.
Like my friend, I am not happy about this and I suspect many residents of the affected areas will feel likewise. Comments, updates and corrections very welcome. And, if you want to ask CBC about this or tell them what you think about it, here's one way:

CBC BC, programming comments and questions
Audience Relations:
TEL: 1-866-306-4636


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Many local BC slaughterhouses face closure

This is not new information but the day draws closer when your local slaughterhouse might be no more. My adage of buying food from someone you know will then become a lot more difficult to fulfill for many of us. Here's an update and some examples on how things stand now:

Can't Slaughter Like You Used To

Saturna Island lamb barbeque

New meat regs may end small farmers' way of life.

By Heather Ramsay
Published: February 8, 2006 - TheTyee.ca

There is a woman in Skidegate who has been buying a side of beef from Richardson Ranch on Haida Gwaii since 1955. The steaks and roasts she's been eating all these years come from animals raised on meandering grasslands by the sea; a 20 minute drive up the coast.

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