Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shaw Cable and CBC need lessons in communication

I phoned Shaw Cable today and was told that the reason we don't yet have a CBC channel as an option in the South and Central Cariboo is due to "technical problems". When I asked why this fact wasn't mentioned on their own information channel, I was told it was "too complicated" to explain! I suggested an explanation in about a dozen words and was then told my complaint would be conveyed to management.

Tonight I found a CBC channel at position Number 22 on the dial (100 Mile House service). This may be temporary as the Williams Lake Tribune quotes Shaw as saying that they have to place the CBC channel between 2 and 13. So, it seems that the weather network has only temporarily lost its place.

The Tribune article also quotes the person I quoted in my previous post on this - and gives his name, so I can acknowledge Rob Diether for taking a public stand on how this change deprives those not on cable - for location or financial reasons - of any access to CBC television.
This is devastating for families like ourselves who live beyond cable connections and who canĂ‚’t afford or don'’t wish to install a satellite system.
Diether urges television viewers in similar circumstances to contact CBC BC Programming, Comments and Questions at 1-866-306-4636.
CBC has made available a list of where their programming is available in the affected areas - at least most of them. No word there about our neck of the woods: 100 Mile House - Williams Lake.

It seems that those of us who live outside the awarenessrange of the corporate bureaucrats are going to have to make our voices heard if we are to get taken into account as the big wheels of commerce grind on.

Decisions like this are made by the CRTC. Contact them, to make your views known.

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