Friday, February 26, 2010

Nuk Tessli Alpine Experience for Sale

A wilderness ecotourism business in one of the more remote corners of British Columbia is for sale. Chris Czajkowski, author, botanist and wilderness dweller continues to run her Nuk Tessli Alpine Experience but has put the business up for sale.  Here's what she says:
As readers of my books will know, I started Nuk Tessli single-handedly, from scratch, 21 years ago. There was not so much as a chainsaw mark on the place; now there are three cosy, rustic cabins and an extensive network of alpine trails. Of course it will be a wrench to give up my "queendom", but my big love is exploring new territory for alpine plants. While I have a special relationship with the flora in my area, I also long to visit other mountain ranges when the alpine flowers are blooming. Each rock base produces different species and there are many alpine plants that I have never seen. I will not be able to fulfil my dreams if I spend every summer at Nuk Tessli. If you wish to see the listing, go to (Be aware that the lease is set up as a commercial venture and the cabins cannot be for private use.)

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