Sunday, August 08, 2010

BC Government has lost its environmental credibility

Bob Peart, a member of the B.C. Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy from 1989-1992, reviews the many ways in which the BC government has alienated those concerned about support and protection for BC's natural environment.
A war in the woods appears to be heating up again in British Columbia to the point that a B.C. cabinet minister was caught calling a group of environmentalists eco-fascists for being critical of his position on the creation of a park in the Flathead Valley.
 The list is long and pretty damning.
British Columbia's government is cancelling funding for monitoring and updating land-use plans that took a decade of hard work to put in place; eliminating research budgets in the Ministry of Forests and Range, thereby deregulating forestry standards and moving to a system of private forestry practices; refusing to increase the number of conservation officers to a level required to protect our fish and wildlife; and failing to renew funding for valuable projects such as Biodiversity B.C., which contribute to environmental policy decisions.
Provincial policy isn't safeguarding our abundant natural resources