Friday, July 09, 2010

Teztan Biny / Fish Lake still in jeopardy

According to resource planner Tony Pearse in The Tyee, the recently-announced Federal environmental assessment leaves loopholes for the federal government to justify approving the Taseko plan, which includes using the lake as a tailings pond.
The panel had expert evidence before it that Taseko had substantially overestimated the economic benefits of its project and yet, in providing information to the ministers concerning justifiability, it did not pass on the only independent analysis available. This is bad news, because it is virtually certain that the ministers will examine the issue of economic benefits if they contemplate approving the project despite the serious environmental and cultural consequences identified by the panel.
This evidence, from resource economist Marvin Schaffer, "told the panel that the BC EAO's conclusion that 'there is no expected cost to future generations except for the loss of Fish Lake and Little Fish lake' was factually incorrect. There would be a very large, on-going cost to present and future generations from this arrangement."

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