Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chris Czajkowski's Diary of a Wilderness Dweller reprinted

A re-release of a book by BC pioneer, Chris Czajkowski. Chris is a botanist who operates a fly-in wilderness retreat where she built her own cabins single-handedly.

"Czajkowski has nurtured and developed a connection to the earth that most of us can hardly relate to, let alone appreciate...[She] has followed a different path, reminding us of how much we don't need, and how much we are missing."
- The Globe and Mail

Chris with her fresh-baked bread from the stone oven"The long-awaited reprinting of Diary of a Wilderness Dweller is finally taking place. This book was a national best-seller when it was first issued, but the publisher of the time phased out his adult books.

"The book details my experiences while starting the cabins at Nuk Tessli. The narrative covers a period of three years, starting in 1988 with the first fateful chainsaw cut that changed forever this remote, high-altitude lake in British Columbia's Coast Range, and ending with the completion of two cabins and the arrival of my first paying guests. I worked alone all that time, falling trees and hauling them inch by inch with a come-along, and then raising them with various scaffolds and a block and tackle. I had many encounters with nature, with both wildlife and whatever the elements could throw at me, especially on my overnight hikes to and from the road."

- Chris Czajkowski

Itinerary for Chris' Fall Speaking and Slideshow tour.

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