Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Protect our food and farmers: Amend BC's new meat regulations

The "sanitizing" of the BC meat industry has continued under the current government, slowing down a bit in the face of obvious faults, but pretty much holding to the same track. The effect has been ongoing limitation to the availability of quality meat in this province and financial damage to many farmers we've depended on to provide good quality meat; meat which, from most reports, is at least as safe as the corporate variety.

From a common-sense perspective, the need for local meat (and local food in general) continues to grow for many reasons - but in the political realm, no-brainers have their support. With a governing party that has successfully(?) side-tracked this issue for a damaging length of time and shows no sign of "getting it", we citizens do have an option: there is an election in the offing. Perhaps there is another party who will get it. Ask your local representative - and vote for them, if they are likely to stop this damaging and ignorant trend. Perhaps you could show them this simple video:

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