Friday, March 28, 2008

Rafe Mair speaks at hearing on privatizing power on BC's Upper Pitt River

Well, the Pitt River project has been stopped (one down, many more to go) and here's likely one reason why:

It seems there are many more plans like this one (similar enough) so those of us in the Interior will soon be more directly involved. This is a province-wide plan.

Update (March 31, 2008): Rafe Mair: Pitt River Victory

The premier can see that he's going to be in trouble all over the province on this issue. The advice given at the meeting - and roundly applauded - was that everyone ought to set aside party politics in the next election and, instead, only support candidates who oppose the Run of Rivers Projects and unequivocally support public power.
Premier Campbell wanted to avoid having the Pitt used as a rallying cry in the election in May '09.
I have news for Mr. Campbell. This fight will be taken right around the province and the Pitt will be a rallying cry - a symbol of what an aroused public can do.
The Campbell government has three options. It can tube the entire exercise (it won't). It can try to bulldoze its way through (a very dangerous tactic). Or more likely, it can suspend the program until the next election has passed.
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